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"Including a Unity Sand Ceremony into your wedding will make your wedding more memorable, and provide you with a Unique Lasting Keepsake of the Ceremony!"

Including a Sand Ceremony into  your Wedding can be done in just 3 Easy Steps.


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Every single Unity Sand Ceremony is Unique! Once poured no other Unity Sand Ceremony will look like yours. These sets provide a lasting personalized momento of your very special wedding day!

What is a Sand Ceremony?

The Unity Sand Ceremony is one of the most popular elements in todays's weddings. Often taking the place of the traditional unity candle ceremony, the Unity Sand Ceremony offers many advantages. The Unity Sand Ceremony is much better suited to any outdoors wedding or beach wedding. Additionally, it provides a lasting momento. It can be personalized with names, wedding dates, and can include additional particapants like parents or children by adding extra vases.

Like Unity Candles, the sand is used to symbolize the uniting of the bride and groom. Their separate lives are symbolized by the two vials of sand, usually in different colors. After the exchange of rings, the officiant explains the symbolism of the Unity Sand Ceremony process. The Bride and Groom then come together and take turns pouring their individual vials into the central vial. Their flowing together symbolizes the joining of the couple as their share their first experience as husband and wife. Their newly formed union is symbolized by the intertwined pattersn of snad created by the couple. This symbol is then a keepsake of their wedding. The individual vases, which can also be personalized, can be displayed with the center vase often with flowers to enhance the appearance of the Unity Sand Ceremony Vase.

In cases where children are involved with either of the couple, additional colors and vases can be added. Again, each particapant takes a turn pouring a portion of their vase into the central vase. In is a very meaninbgful way to sybolize the new blended family. These vases can also be engraved with initials, names or the wedding date making them also keepsakes for the future.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. The Groom will commence by pouring a portion of his sand color into the central glass vase (black in the above example).
  2. The Bride will follow by pouring a portion of her colored sand also into the central vase (white in the above example) creating a layered effect.
  3. If additional particapants are included, i.e. children or parents, they will then pour a layer of their unique sand color.
  4. To complete the ceremony, the groom, the bride, and any other particapants take turns pouring layers until the central container in full to the level desired by the couple. Often the last portion of sand is poured by the bride and groom simulaneously to symbolize the complete combining of the couple.
  5. Following the wedding the additional vases are often used to support the display of the central vase. Flowers or candle are often added to these vases to enhance the presentation of the central vase.





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